Individual Productivity Coaching: Life of an Integrated Man/Woman


Working with Andrej is a safe space.

  • We examine your current drift at work, with your family, and with people you care about, including your relationship with time, organization, and habits. Some people find themselves in burnout, exhaustion, and resignation. The relationship with time is one of constraining, struggle, and mainly resistance.
  • Andrej guides you while disturbing the current drift in life and enables you to navigate toward a new direction. You can imagine it like getting into a boat on your island and rowing towards the new island. While exploring a new direction, it is also okay to experience uncertainty.
  • You connect to what really matters to you or is essential now and create an empowering future so realistically that it pulls you into action. So you have clarity about the future that is worth living and your priorities in it.
  • The essential element of the work is that we utilize the structure and relationships that support you on your path while fulfilling what you fundamentally care about.
  • Most importantly, it is possible to evolve in all areas of your life and be fully alive.


Andrej’s coaching framework is rooted in his corporate career, building (that includes a bunch of fails) and running his own business. He has been blessed to support and coach many extraordinary people around the world with considerable commitments to life while producing life-altering results. There are three essential elements of Andrej’s coaching:

  1. Fundamental Interests and Cares
  2. Structure
  3. Actions or behavior


  • Business owners and executives gain the capacity and organization to be present and creative.
  • They reliably produce results with people they work with AND, at the same time, stay connected to their partners and people they love – including themselves.
  • Freedom to perform, contribute, and succeed is available for each of them and the people around them.

“Andrej is a true partner for creating next era of your life with a depth of human experience and warrior like producing results. Andrej makes the world a better place.” – Bob Mueller, President and CEO at RPM Consulting

Does working with me speak to you? 

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