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The Klokners Consulting


We are a coaching and consulting company providing support and proven tools for individuals and teams to be productive and manage their time effectively. By working together, your productivity improves significantly, as well as your joy in your personal and work life.

About the Founder

Andrej is a productivity and time management coach. First and foremost, he cares about people’s development and growth, and being connected to their own essence. He helps executives from small to medium sized companies rise above productivity and time-management limits, have a sense of freedom, and joy and increase the quality of their life.

His previous experience includes managerial work for a global corporation, and later for high-net-worth individuals with top-notch standards.

A Personal Message from Andrej:

We live in a culture obsessed with high performance, especially constantly doing something.

I have been a part of this reality since l was 16. I remember one moment as I was sitting on the bus to the Volkswagen factory (not to buy a car) to start a summer job. I felt sad, anxious, and afraid about how l will survive and manage to perform in this machine-like environment.

My conclusion was, “Something is wrong with me, I am a failure, but I will hide it until l learn how to perform like Navy Seals.”

Since then, I have dedicated all my time to answering one question: how to perform at a top-notch level. I studied HR, studied abroad, and soon after getting a degree at university, I became a country HR director for a global company. I ran marathons, did extremely long hiking, and then found a job in which I got trained to perform like Navy Seals. And yet I still felt like a fraud.

Then one day, I realized one thing: if I can reliably perform at the Olympic level with a minimum sleep day in – day out, year in – year out, maybe there is no point in finding the answer to my performance question anymore. But, more importantly, I started to understand that there was nothing wrong with me, and I was sound and complete the way I was and the way I wasn’t.

Suddenly, a new world opened up for me: work and performance have become an opportunity to live a life full of self-expression and aliveness.

Ever since this has materialized for me, l could not be more touched and inspired seeing this is possible for every human being.

Our Team

Andrej Klokner

Coaching and program facilitation

Hana Jay Klokner

Marketing and communication

Individual coaching: unconstrained in action

We train individuals, executives, and executive assistants to increase their productivity and to allow them to experience a high quality of life.

We help our clients solve problems related to procrastination and low-quality work, complaints from customers, and missing deadlines. They’re frequently frustrated by not reaching their goals and not growing their business, or they’re overwhelmed by all the work that should get done.

Our approach comes from viewing every person as already whole and complete. They’re able to fully accept their limits and rise above others’ approval. Therefore we focus on their habits and tools and improve their routines and the standard of work.


If you work a lot and feel overwhelmed, yet you’re not getting much done, or if you’re winning in one area of life and falling behind in others, this is a great opportunity to bring balance to your life.

This workshop is designed to help you get clarity on what’s important to you and feel joyful when you do things, even the ones you don’t like doing. This means you’re left with more fulfilment and ease. You will experience a lasting effect on how you react to everyday demands, increase your productivity, and fall asleep faster.

We open the 6-week interactive workshop. See more details inside.

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